How can I motivate ourselves for a long time?

In our society, we find it more and more difficult to get motivated with our lives. We get bored quickly, and some days we have no desire to live or to enjoy our lives. We feel that our actions do not come to the result that we would like to, even if we try harder and harder every single day. Moreover, that is our problem. We work too hard toward our goals.
We must not live by the outcome. We must not be the slave of success. Failure is many times the best motivator.
It may sound like a paradox, but the more we are pushing ourselves, the less motivated we become. We must learn the way of meditation, let things come and go accepting the way they are. Understanding what we can change and what not is one of the highest wisdom. What we cannot reform we must learn to accept because the acceptance will free us from this wicked fight. Fighting things that are not in our power to change is the inner-fight that makes us lose any motivation. Imagine that we are in the middle of the ocean and we know there is no chance of survival. We keep desperately swimming until too exhausted we die in panic and anger. Instead of that we may float quietly face up watching and enjoying the sun and the ocean. Ultimately we will die but isn’t that beautiful to be at peace with ourselves? We may choose the last moments to live in terror or peace and harmony.
That is the story of our lives. We always struggle for success, money but we are not doing other than try to escape the ocean instead of enjoying it. Doing so, we will lose the motivation and enjoyment that we have supposed to maintain during this existence. We are too afraid of failing without noticing that what we call failure is a success to our experiment. We are also focused on others making sure we are not the losers in their eyes, and we become slaves of their beliefs.
Life is so simple, yet we are trying to twist it with every action, that we see it hard and unfair. Life is beautiful. We must love it and embrace it, and in return life, will show us more love and enjoyment that we have ever imagined.