Body Obsession

How many times do we see people aware of their bodies? One way or the other we are proud of our beautiful bodies or ashamed being too fat, too short or too ugly. Often we see many of us who do not even look to others because they are too good looking to bother to interact considering themselves superior and that they deserve much more than rest of us. On the other side, the victims are too ashamed to interact with fellow humans.
We imagine so many defects or qualities in our bodies that all of those contribute to the lives we are trying to experience. We have been bombarded with how the “perfect” body supposes to look like that we forget our purpose in life. One after another we become obsessed with our bodies and that obsession has a result: the fear and the anger. We live in fear that we may lose our beauty getting older and the anger that we do not look like the people we see on the front of the magazines. Who is profiting from it? The other side of humans who became greedy and lost. Those of us push any of the products that make us look younger or regenerate the skin or help us to lose weight, and the list continues with an unlimited number of products. We become enslaved by those thoughts and beliefs, and we are willing to buy anything that enhances our bodies. We consume so much energy in a wrong direction affecting our bodies, and then we are trying to fix that with money that we earn. Is not that an anxious circle that we maintain? Moreover, who is telling how do we suppose to look? Why do we have to follow the model that is imposed on us every day through media channels? We rejected the slavery, and yet we practice another type which is well masked looking like democracy, capitalism, and free-market. Watching people is one of the greatest show on earth. We see little awareness of the soul and much awareness of the body and mind. The second type of awareness is affecting without exception our souls transposing it in ego or becoming a victim. It is almost enough to see people’s faces and the way they walk to realize which one is whom. The soul’s awareness is the only way we can meet our purpose in life because the soul is pure energy does not victimize or play the egocentric act. How do we do that? Our hearts are the bridge to our consciousness. Love and compassion coming from the heart are the bells resonating to our souls. We should not be encouraged to ignore our bodies because our health is essential in the life process, but on the other hand, we must not idolize and worship our bodies. They are only machines that we use in our journey to enhance and expand our experiences.