What Is The Cause Of Ignorance?

Ignorance is the result of moving away from ourselves. We believe that we are singular beings where in fact we are all connected. Once we create that separation, we do not care about anything else, and we become ignorant. We hear animals are being killed or used in experiments and we do not care. We consider ourselves different from them and then we press the ignore button. The same mechanism applies to everything else. Our selfishness has no limits, and with that, we bring ignorance into this world at all levels. We do not care about homeless or extremely poor people from other countries. I was terrified to assist in a discussion where one gentleman, second generation of emigrants, was so upset with the idea that it should be no countries and that borders are artificial lines invented by humans that help to start conflicts. This man was almost yelling: how would that be? All the people will invade our country. That is another type of ignorance. Why do we believe that being born in one country we have the right to a good and prosper life and others do not? It is a matter of choice, isn’t it? The idea is that we have to cooperate to end the discrimination and poverty. Instead, we are feeding the bad wolf doing whatever our leaders are doing. So it is no one guy to blame but all of us. We believe that we should ignore others since we have a decent life.

How can we stop being ignorant? We must awake. We must come back to origins and with that is the first step to the spiritual awakening. We see every day that God has never ignored us and then why do we ignore ourselves? There is no excuse. We have always looked for someone or somewhat else to blame. That is our defense mechanism, but that cannot work indefinitely. Sooner or later we do realize it, or we become the ignored ones. We got too accommodated with all the lies that cover our track, but lies have another mechanism of awakening the soul. When we do it too much, the soul cannot take it any longer and revolts. In the and all of us become Paul the Apostle from the Bible.

Ignorance is nothing but another virus carefully injected into our minds. We have the choice to adopt that virus or reject it. We have the power to do so and is no one to blame. Ignorance represents a lack of soul manifestation. It is time to understand and heal our souls or better said to free them.