Becoming Spiritual

We may say we are not afraid of spirituality; we just do not believe in it. However, as I talked to a good friend she was asking me what the deal of being spiritual is? The thing is that is hard to explain. Only our own experience can get that answer straighten up. Words are difficult and easily get misinterpreted. Only feelings will give a right answer. Nonetheless, I tried to engage in that discussion with an open mind, and I told my friend that she should be doing the same.
For instance, as a result of practicing meditation, we achieve new levels of understanding from a spiritual point of view. We become intuitive, and our actions are in harmony with the Universe, with God. A perfect example was about Ram Dass who explained his first encounter with a spiritual man in India named Maharaji, who later became his teacher. He was surprised to see that Maharaji knew things about him without even starting a conversation. Some of the things were not pleasant, and he told no one about it but still Maharaji loved him, and he felt that love.
At this point, my friend was a little uncomfortable. She was asking: “So if we do meditation we can read minds? How is that going to help?” I could see a little bit of fear in her eyes.
That is a good point. We want to have our “privacy” and to keep secrets. Nobody should know about some of the bad things we have done. The thing is that the reason for keeping something for ourselves without sharing with others is a proof that we are still feeling guilty and we are afraid that people will judge us. We will become outsiders, and our life will be a disaster. Moreover, we live with the guilt and fear of what others are going to say. As we mentioned before, we become enslaved by others. We cannot break free if we refuse to see it that way and spirituality is making that clear to us and not by force as religion does, manipulating messages of fear but by pure energy and understanding. We stop doing things that do not resonate with our beings not out of fear but out of love.
It is true, we cannot change people and make them spiritual, but everyone’s soul is moving toward that goal even if the mind and ego refuse to acknowledge it. Believing or not is not the point. Understanding will come to all of us sooner or later. Time is not relevant in this matter since time is an artificial creation of the material world. So, if we cannot change people why should we even bother even writing? Well, it is a little more to that. We cannot change people, but with our actions, we may bring memories back to them. A little help comes to lost souls and then they may start their own awakening. They will recognize their own truth.