Being Vegetarian

Most of the time we assist to even violent discussions between vegetarians and non-vegetarians people. There is so much of a debate that can fill books and film so many movies. Everyone is bringing arguments pro and cons trying to convince each other to accept and practice their theories. Which category is right and which one is wrong? Well, they are both not correct. Becoming a vegetarian should not be part of imposed religion or forced by family. On the other hand, people who complain about others that not eating meat is crazy and the animals are here on Earth for our enjoyment of food preparation are also incorrect. We must understand that there is no wrong or right in any debate. If we consider that we want to be vegetarians the other group should respect us the same way that vegetarians should respect the other side.

There are very few vegetarians that do not like meat. We like the smell of meat being cooked or the meat products exposed in grocery stores. When vegetarians stop eating meat they follow a principle that they do not want to kill animals.

However, many of us realize that when following more spiritual practices we get to different levels of understanding. We are all one, and we should hurt as less as possible any being that lives here on Earth. We become connected, and the choice of becoming vegetarians is not by force, is not a principle either but is a result of love. The more we connect, the more we are detaching from meat products. We do not enjoy eating meat, and the taste and smell become repulsive. That is one of the reasons spiritual people become vegetarians. It is not an achievement; it is not principle it is just understanding. It is hard to explain, and it is not even needed to become a debate. We know that doing so we are not better than others, and we do not want to imply that, but we know that the state of our beings is resonating differently, beautifully and in harmony with the universe. Being in that state, we cannot agree any longer to eat meat, and we are body, mind, and consciousness are all in agreement. It is not a boycott it is harmonizing of the Trinity. It is a great feeling, and with that harmony we see every being with different eyes. Everyone is equally important from that perspective. Of course, we would be hypocrites to believe that we can eliminate all the suffering of killing animals while being vegetarians because still, we live in a society where even we do not want we use products made for instance of the skin of animals. Little by little, we try to exclude those products but unless we live isolated it is hardly possible.

However, once the consciousness state is achieved by many, we will get there, we will free animals and free ourselves at the same time.