How Do We Live Extraordinary Lives?

We already live extraordinary lives. The only problem with us humans is that we look to extraordinary lives from a wrong perspective. We have always looked to others and believed that they have the lives that we wanted, where in reality every life is an amazing journey and experience for. The people who we are looking at, believing that they have extraordinary lives may be very often bored and unhappy. Having an extraordinary life is equivalent to being happy. Happiness brings joy and makes us see the true nature and origins of life. When we do so, we realize that life is not just extraordinary but is full of purpose and wonder.
What is an extraordinary life? It is a life of self-realization, an experience that keeps us away from the illusory material world.
At any time we must live the life of acceptance and forgiveness. That will open the eyes of our souls, seeing something that was always here in front of us from the very beginning: the essence of God, the spirit of the Universe. Every single being on Earth has the chance to acknowledge that in one way or another.
It is an astonishing experience that we embrace through “a past life hypnosis therapy session,” for instance, but many of us are looking at the past lives with the hope that we were famous people like kings or queens or scientists or anything that we may dream of. That approach is breaking up our current experience. We try to run away from the present life because we feel not important or we just do not like where our lives are heading to, or we are made to believe that regular lives are not significant. We must understand that every life that we live or we have ever lived is no more any less important than another. Experience is all that count, and sometimes we can experience much more being poor people living in misery than being a king. At the material level, our minds pushed us back but just for a second, let’s try to ignore the ego and simply let go. Let’s try to analyze our experiences as observers, like watching a movie. Is not that interesting? Is not there much more awareness and action? We learn so much from such life because we can experience both sides of the coin.
I remember that feeling being in the army and that was awful. However, now after a long time looking back, I position myself as an observer, and I find that experience fruitful and even funny. I cannot stop myself laughing thinking back to what happened then. Same is happening with everything in life. If we become too attached to events, people and feelings we gain minimum or no knowledge at all.
Always we have to remember that we are here to experience duality and things are most of the time not that we believed to be. Life is extraordinary in every aspect beginning with the birthday itself. Our minds are trying to diminish the life existence which is not just not ordinary, but it is a fantastic adventure that we have wanted all along.