Does Heaven Exist?

Many of us believe in Heaven. However, how many really believe in Heaven? That could be a strange question since many of the people from different religions talk about Heaven in one form or another giving maybe different names. What will happen when someone will come and say “I have seen Heaven.” One thing for sure. Most of us will reject that and categorized such person as crazy. How is that possible? Nobody saw Heaven. With that mentality, we actually make our case clear that we do not believe that Heaven exists even we keep affirming it in our talks and prayers. Why would be that difficult to assume that someone saw the Heaven? We believe without questioning so many things that we can be considered unreliable. Still, we find ourselves to be people of integrity and God. It is curious to believe that Jesus knew Heaven and we agree with him, but anyone else is a liar and insane. The funny thing is that we believe in Jesus and his words but not all of his words. Does not he say that “What I do you can do even more?” Why do we refuse to believe that? Why cannot do that jump in our evolution and know we can be like him? Well, that is only another belief that we keep reassuring to ourselves: we cannot be more than we are told we are.
Many of us heard about the book or the movie “Heaven is for real” where a little boy came back from a surgery that had not too many chances of success, with incredible stories about Heaven. What did others do? They not just did not believe the boy, but they got angry. Why would we get angry when someone is confirming that a Heaven is waiting for us to return? It could be only one reason. We do not believe in Heaven, and that may come from our inadequate actions in life. Otherwise, we should be more than happy that what we thought is right. What if I would tell you I saw Heaven? Would you believe me? If you believe it or not is not important because sooner or later we will come to the same conclusion.
Many people describe the life after death in the same way. I was fortunate to have a past life regression session and to experience Heaven. More than that as a Hypnotist I got similar experiences from others. It is not a confirmation we need, but an evidence of the eternal truth. It is no need to believe me, but the need to trust in ourselves that we are more than we use to imagine. We should ask ourselves how was our existence before coming on Earth and then answer ourselves that question without taking into consideration the beliefs of others. Only then we will find our truth and the way to our own Heaven.