Meditation As A Lifestyle

Many of us practice mindfulness meditation. How is that work? We breathe in and out focusing on our breath. At any time when a thought arrives, we do not judge or argue with that thought. After practicing more and more we realize that fewer thoughts arrive and we are able to come to a state of peace of both body and mind. We realize that we become more relaxed even in the day to day life. However, meditation is not just a tool but a lifestyle. When we apply the meditation principle in our life we come to the realization that not only our thoughts are the ones we shouldn’t judge but others as well. For instance, when someone is insulting or is angry with us we apply the let go principle. Same as in meditation we are letting go and do not argue. After all, why would we care what others think about us? That is only our egos talking and within the meditation process, we start letting go of the ego too. When someone told us that we are dumb and we cannot do anything right we tend to lose our confidence and believe them. Instead, we should let go and ignore their insult. If we do so we successfully applied the meditation principle and stopped being others’ slaves. At some point, we will come to become wise and look at the angry people with compassion rather than hate. That is something that anyone of us can achieve. It is not a superpower but a power that we all can realize we have. We heard it so many times that the society is doing this to us, making us egocentric and selfish and we agree but that is not enough. We have to take action, we have to apply meditation in life. That lifestyle will bring inner-peace and love into our lives.