What Is “Spiritual Practice?”

Many of us think that we are spiritual if we are praying every day, reading a religious book with enthusiasm or going to church on Sundays. As much as we want to believe that doing so, we are spiritual that is only a tiny part. Spirituality is much more than that. It is a connection to God that makes us aware of our actions. We all make mistakes and when we realize that we try to correct them. When stop being selfish and become compassionate that is a spiritual practice. It is true that achieving that state we start with prayers and meditations, but we must let go of the ego and become what we have always been, a human being. We, humans, learn so much from examples and we have tons to follow and acknowledge from all the enlightened beings who walked on Earth. They are spiritual, and it is so easy to understand what they have taught: love and humbleness. We must be humble without being aware of it: that becomes ignorance. We must love without being noticed, and that is again loving through actions and not through insignificant words. We must follow all lessons of spirituality including forgiveness, acceptance and let go of the past. Those are the basic to live a spiritual life. It is not easy in a fast pace egocentric society where people rather be selfish and greedy that lovable and compassionate, but it is still doable.
Through prayers, we must learn not just to ask God for what we may think we need, but to analyze what have we done during the day and ask for the power of forgiveness of self and others. We must keep in mind; God will always forgive. It is that we do not know it if we do not ask and believe we can be forgiven.
Those are essential to spiritual growth, and the more we want to move on that path the more it will come to us. Ultimately we must learn our universal purpose, to be like God giving help without expecting anything in return. When we stop focusing on “what is it for me” part, we will be free, and everything will fall into place because that is God. God never ask for any favor. It was said so beautiful in the book “Conversations with God” when so frustrated the man asked God: “What do you want from me?” and God answered: “I want from you exactly what you want from you, nothing more nothing less.” We must learn this principle of God: “Harmony generates harmony.” When we help others, we are in harmony with the Universe, and with the creator. We become one with God. That is a great spiritual practice.