Do We Want The Change?

In our society, we have been playing with the idea of change. We want a change, and political leaders ascending to power always promis that a shift will take place. Change is becoming an idea that manipulates ninety percent or more of the population. Is the change good? Why do we want a change? Behind the scene, we all know that we do not propagate the common sense in the Universe. We have stopped promoting God, and as a result, a terrible imbalance has struck our lives. The thing is that we keep saying we want to change our ways and still we are not doing it. We have been accustomed to the way of life we are living now, and after all, it is looking that we do not want to trade it for anything else. We like to fight through politics, and we want to create conflicts. What change do we want to bring in if we refuse to change ourselves? The society, the world cannot be transformed if we do not agree to start with ourselves first. We are the cells in an organism, and that organism will evolve if every single cell will evolve. We are looking at the world as is something completely independent of us where in fact we are the world, every single one of us. If the world continues to move in the same direction is because we are moving in that direction. Next time when we listen to all the candidates either presidents or senators telling us that they will bring a good change and they will fix whatever is broken, we must know that they are lying. They will not influence anything while they have the power because it is not in their capability, even if they are willing to do it. Nobody can change anything by him or herself. Jesus could not do that either. He trained students and encourage people to help.
We must help ourselves. We must stop procrastinating and do what we say. We must stop the madness of wanting and being attached to tragedies, and that could be done if we end encouraging that news and ideas. Ignoring the media when fear is promoted will bring the change we wished for. Removing fear from our lives will create the proper environment for a new era of constructive and beneficial changes for humanity.