Do We Need God In The Modern Times?

Many of us, with the progress of technology and science, have started debating that we do not need to explain God or His presence. Everything can be explained by scientists, and there is no need to prove that an intelligence governs the Universe. Let’s step back for a moment and listen to our scientists. First of all, many of them do not reject God to start with. Most likely they believe that the word God has been corrupted by all the religions and that understanding does not align with science. However, we are listening more and more from scientists about invisible and unexplainable energies that interact in strange ways at least strange for our current understanding. More research has been started based on quantum physics theory, and any decent scientist will say at any time that we have just started our adventure of knowing the Universe. God is present in religion as well as in science. We may call it God, universal intelligence or any other name but most of the people in both areas agree with that concept. Religions may have created a misconception since they are not as flexible as science is. Science does not get stuck with one theory and instead accepts that it was wrong and start all over. Religions are more stagnant than science and many of the explanations given thousands of years ago may not make sense in our days. Still, people do not want to change anything in their dogma applying the concept of “believe and do not ask.” As a matter, all of these religions may create a disagreement with God.
In one of the conversations I had with a nice gentleman, I was told that if needed we should kill since that is all over in the bible and other holy books. I had to disagree with that concept, and that is one of the example showing that we sometimes follow the Scripture and the church blindly. We must evolve spiritually and come to a better understanding. If we stay with the old concepts refusing to listen to God Himself we cannot grow. Jesus came to prove that concept. He changed many things bringing new notions to a spiritual life, and that was the main reason that church at that time did not like it.
We know so little and having the desire to understand more, we need God in current or future days to come. God gave us the power to advance and the curiosity to search. It is nothing wrong with that. Staying and connecting with God we live the life that was designed for us, and much more will come out of it.