Religions. The Word Of God.

All the religions are descending from the word of God. When we go back up following the thread, we all meet to the source. Then the question is raising. Why are there so many conflicts between people following the different religions? Why it was and still is much killing in the name of religion and even God? We all believe in God after all, but we have been blinded by false beliefs instigated by our leaders. We are being told that “My religion is the best” and we see a huge trend over the word that following the same idea. People are traveling to different places and try to convert others to their religions or even debate than one religion is better than others. We must stop that trend and go back to the origins. We all descend from God, and that is the universal truth. When we all will acknowledge that we are the same and we are coming from the same source, we could safely say that we achieved enlightenment. We must remove the ego that is a source of all “crimes.”
Let’s hear a nice joke that I heard it once.
The devil and his disciples were traveling when one of the students said in excitement. “Master, look I see the truth lost on the street!” The devil master impassible told him. “Let it be,” and he kept going. The student got intrigued and still asked his master. “Master, what if someone will find it?” “No worries” replied the devil, “Someone will find it, and he or she will start a new religion.”
In our urgency and joy to spread the truth we create communities and congregations, and ultimately we forgot what was it about. We become more concerned about “Our church” than the word of God, and that is the tragedy that intervenes and create friction in between us. It is true, some of us take advantage of all of the created conflicts, but it is all of us that play along. There is not one or another guiltier or less guilty. We are all at fault because we accept and continue the beliefs that we have received from others. If we refuse to play the roles of the fanatics, we can stop every single conflict and issue in the world. We must think about it next time when we start arguing and debating sometimes aggressively over religions. We must always remember the word of Jesus: “Love each other.” He did not say love your fellow Jew or your fellow Muslim or your fellow Hindu. He was the pure manifestation of God and His word.
Religions could stay as part of our cultural development, but it should not be part of disagreement and debates, because all are right and wrong at the same time. We can find wisdom in any religion and definitely we can learn from all of them.