Moving Away.

Many of us have decided to move to a different place, a different city or even country hoping that our problems will go away. We all wanted a fresh start, and with any change, we hope that would happen. Many times we do not understand why but we ended in the same situations over and over again. How come we tried so hard, but our problems stick with us so badly? It is only one issue, ourselves. There is no place in the world or the universe that can fix our problems if we do not change our ways. We cannot act selfish, lying and judge others believing that new places and new people will change our lives. If we bring our problems with us refusing to see the reality, we will never be able to have a new beginning. We may be tricking others for a while, but in the end, we will show the world what we are and what we do. Any place is a good as any other; it is only us that make it good or bad. Does not mean that we should not move, but we should not expect that a new home will make us happy. We are the ones making ourselves happy, and the places are following our lead. When we say “That was a happy place” we are saying that we made the best out of our lives. We enhance the energy of the universe with our own. We created and maintained high positive energy and that is making a place happy.
We have the intuition that tells us when a place is “cursed.” We may suddenly not feel right, and that is because of the energy that was staying in that specific place. Our signatures remain for a long time before recycling or maybe never go away. That is why all these holy places perform miracles. The energy of the enlightened and saints have never been released.
We may say that moving in such places could affect us and that is true. The light energy is overwhelming, and it could show us the way. However, with that action taking place we practically change our perspective, and we resonate with higher clear frequencies. That is the change that we must achieve. It is true; sometimes it is more difficult in big cities or places where fear, hate or anger are common attributes of people but still, we can become the beacon of light. That is the move that we need, a shift in our consciousness.