Do We Experience Many Lives?

Once I was pushed into a debate if we, people have more than one life. Since my opponent was a conservative Christian lady, I gave it up before starting it, and I may say in general I do not like the debate idea. We are not here to judge or convince anyone of anything. We are here to share the word of God however we understand it. People may agree and resonate with our interpretation or not and that is fine. How do we know we have much life to experience? Well, through our conversation with God through meditation and prayers we get to that understanding. Since I love logic as God does, I believe it is logical that we have more than one chance to achieve our enlightenment? It would be not fair to be thrown into a foreign world and expect to do it right on the first try.
That reminds me of people not of God. In this world, we can become aggressive and say we do not believe in second chances but God is our parent and (s)he is lovable and (s)he wants us to succeed. That is why is making much sense to believe we got as many chances as we need. If it would be only one chance, there will be no more souls left in Heaven.
Anyway, for people resonating with the idea of experiencing multiple lives, I must encourage to have a past life regression hypnosis. That would bring many of the answers to our inquiries. God did not send us to our doom but to experience and evolve through humanity and we will succeed no matter how many times we must try. We have so many tools that will help us to awake, and we must use them and not ignore or forbid them. Meditation, yoga, hypnosis, reiki and many others are intended to help us. Due to the lack of information or greedy intention, some of the religious leaders restrict any of those practices convincing people that any of those are sins. Surprisingly one lovely lady was telling that we would not meditate because her religion forbids that and if we did it, we would be considered sinners in front of others but the worst by our own judgment.
We mentioned many times; there is no wrong or right tool, we are the ones making it right or wrong. Everything is done here with dual intention, and there is the choice we have to make. We have always encouraged people to listen to themselves more than anything else. If we believe we need to use one of the instruments God created for us, then is no doubt we have to use it. Every religion and every man empowered by that religion is nothing when is about our own decisions. We must listen to ourselves more than anyone else. The only problem is that is a little more difficult to do so. It is easy to go to church and believe what the priest is telling us without analyzing it or thinking in another direction. We believe we are right just because we follow the rules but that is not enough. Most of the rules are human made and just following blindly they will not bring any enlightenment.
We must question everything and everyone. We must come to our understanding of the truth, and that will be our true God.