Past Life Regression: Real Or Imagination

There are many signs in a past life regression hypnosis session, but the best is to try it out. It is an experience completely different from what we call imagination. We experience feelings and events nothing like imagination or daydreaming. However, even with this beautiful experience, some people are saying that was not real because they refuse to believe it. Some of us have a dominant belief system built with ignorance and closed mind, and we refuse to change it. We need proof to adjust it and when we get it we say is not proof enough. As I said the best judgment, it may be conceived through an experience like that.
For some of us, it is tough to think to have such experience. Since many religions are entirely against it, we refuse to acknowledge its benefit, but it is nothing wrong to be open-minded.
We can start with a story of a wise monk and a scientist. The scientist asked the monk: “What would you do if I will proof your belief wrong?” The monk thought for a moment, and he said: “I will reconsider my belief. However, what would you do if I prove you wrong?” The scientist without even thinking said, “Your proof is generally speaking not scientific enough, so, I will try to prove you wrong again.” The same it is happening to many of us going through a hypnosis session. We keep saying it is our imagination, and nothing is real but after all what is imagination? We, as scientists are bubbling but we project ourselves as people with exact knowledge convincing others what is right and what is wrong. However, many years later we may prove ourselves that we have been wrong, and we start from scratch.
We should not try to convince anyone of the authenticity of the past life regression, but we hard to accept when people are saying that it is only our imagination since the experience says otherwise.
Instead of being ignorant and have a belief so firm that we stop being open minded we may look around and question everything and everyone including the view that we inherited from others.