Physical Awareness

We live in a society that pushes more and more the importance of the body for both, male or female. Magazines portrait what they call the sexiest man or woman alive, and we looked at their bodies in amazement trying to be like them. Even we are ashamed when we gain weight or so proud when we lose weight. This awareness of the body is one of the most significant steps that we have to overcome in a spiritual awakening. Moreover, it is not applying to our own bodies, but this awareness is extending to others. We do act differently when we talk to a man or a woman even their social status or position is the same. The man automatically feels stronger and having the right to speak to a woman from a superior level, while the woman is knowing her place and try to fit apologizing for more making sure she is accepted. We must stop this behavior, and we do when we get a better understanding of the world or better say when we remember God. There is no difference between the soul, the true-selves that inherit a man’s or a woman’s body.
On the other hand, a “good-looking” woman does not even bother to talk to a regular guy. She is so aware of her body that she is excluding herself from the world thinking that she will go down if would do such thing.
We have to understand that the energy that manifests through different bodies is the same, only the experience is different. Very well we might have been a woman in a previous life and a man in the current one or vice-versa. We are here to experience, and it makes sense to be wanting to experience both sides of the stick.
How can we break free from this cage, this restriction that we have created? We must think by ourselves and stop listening or reading the magazines. We must stop judging people and as a matter of fact, stop judging ourselves. Every action that we are taking from judging is adding more karma and more negativity to our souls. It is a simple understanding that we can achieve just by looking at our neighbor and acting without judging saying “Good morning” or “Have a nice day” without doing any completion in our mind. We must be “what you see is what you get” without lying and judging in our mind hoping nobody will know that because we know and that is more than enough to create energetic disruption and negativity.