Life Of Possibilities

We may say that we have an infinite number of possibilities through our lives. What we are trying to do is to choose the best one of them at any moment hoping that the final result will be the one we wanted to. So, if we choose to do our best every time when a choice is arising, theoretically will have nothing to worry about. However, as we could see later not everything falls into place as expected. We get many times in situations that we consider not the outcome that we have expected. What do we do then? Like anything that needs to have an adjustment, we try to find another possibility with better chances of success. Again we may end up in what we call misery. We are running in circles and sometimes we feel that we have no chance of escape. The idea is that for whatever we have chosen we must accept the outcome, and more than that we have to stop living by that outcome. That is the greatest impediment to our search for happiness and peace. It does not matter the outcome as long we are willing to accept it as the best outcome of all of the possibilities we took. When we chose to be angry and upset all the time or most of the time, the outcome is the best for that behavior. Same applies to the alternative when we are peaceful and compassionate enjoying our lives. Either way, the experience is complete and we can accept it and move forward. What is happening if we did what we call mistakes and get into a situation that does not resonate at all with our beings? Well, we must accept it as we have discussed but also we must learn another lesson: forgiveness. That lesson we have to apply first to ourselves and then to everyone else. If the outcome is not peace and happiness we accept it, forgive and move to the next chapter in our lives. Later we may realize that everything that happened to us was part of learning through experience. We learn peace as opposite of anger or love as opposite of fear. This life of possibilities and choices is a great adventure. We only have to look at it as such and live it with joy and passion.