Is The Spiritual Experience Conditioned?

Many of us are looking with excitement to a spiritual awakening and experiencing new avenues. We are reading about others, and many times we discover that an extraordinary experience had to take place even as suffering or a shock or anything like that. In reality, even that is the most common case we do not need such things. That is the last resort of unanswered souls’ call. We receive all the signals, and after years and years of ignoring them, we are struck. Imagine now that we listen to those messages and not just acquire them, but we follow. Would we need a suffering or extraordinary event to take place? Every one of us could follow a spiritual path with one condition; willing to do so. There is no specific condition to be met to get to that understanding; it is common sense and willingness to stay connected with the source. After all, we all are connected beings and is nothing not natural in doing so.
Another misconception is that once the shift takes place, we will have some kind of abilities that will make us super beings. That is a talk we have with mister ego and does not have anything to do with the actual process. We are the same beings we have been before; we are better connected with the source. Our understanding of life and everything related to that is moving to a new level, but we are still the same soul underneath. We only remember the love of God, and that gives us unlimited power of consciousness. We regain the ability to be a human being, the one that we already have since our birth. That ability was forgotten, and that is the highest sin of humanity. We must be humbled and compassionate as a result of love and not by force. That is to be human and live by God.