How Do I Become Successful?

We may be surprised to see the amount of the books written about becoming successful or how to acquire wealth. Most of those books from the two categories are similar because our mind is trained to believe that being successful is, in fact, being rich. With a simple search, we find hundreds of books teaching us success, become a leader, how to make money or how to make more money. It is a misconception of success within our society.
The way of living a successful life is to live in abundance. Does that mean that we must have money? If we are partnering with the regular media that is polluting our lives, yes that is true. However, abundance can be at any level, and I would say the generic concept is that “Abundance is when we are happy with what we have.” That would make us successful in our lives. If we move from the inner-happiness chasing the success and happiness according to the lost people of God, we will never be successful and/or happy.
We have been played, and our minds have been tricked into believing that we can only be at peace when we have more money which it will never end because more money means nothing else but more money. That concept is widely promoted, and it is working really well. People gamble with stock and in casinos, and they never know when to stop because their minds are infected, and they always required more. Every position that we consider a success must be validated with a higher position and so on.
We may dream to become a director and when that is achieved we raise the successful standard to a managing director or a CEO. Always more and more is the actual standard of success. We must retire this standard if we want to appreciate and be successful in life. Experiencing, enjoying and live a life of peace is the real success that we should reach.