I Have Nothing to Learn!

How many times we were in the room talking to people, and we had realized that we had nothing to learn from others? Is that so? If we have nothing to gain why are we in that room? The answer resembled two possibilities. We are in the wrong place or, and that is most like it, the arrogance is playing with us. We believe that we are too smart and qualified to learn from others. It is our egos passing us that concept, and the worst part is that we agree and believe it. The idea is that we can learn from any single person in the world. If we want to perceive the surrounding with an open mind, we may be surprised that we can learn from others either from their wisdom or from negating their actions. We look at them, and if we do not resonate with their actions, we understand what we have not to do. For instance, we do not agree with stealing, and when we see a thief, we learn not to be like him. We interpret the reality with an open mind, and that is the most significant opportunity for receiving the teaching. In the same way, we can observe and learn from everything and every being, including animals. God laid everything in front of us for our understanding. With humbleness in mind, we can become the knowers of God discovering the extensive knowledge that we can follow. Yes, that knowledge is infinite but so do we. In this reality we are limited, but in the higher realm, we are infinite. It is time for us to realize that we can and must learn the ways of God.
The other day I met a homeless that was holding my door on my way to the grocery store. I did not have any money, but on my way back I bought him chocolate. He was delighted and thanked me. I left, and while waiting at the red light, he came to me and asked me my name. I told him my name, and he very happy said: “Hi, I am Garry.” I looked into his eyes, and I have noticed the humbleness and the happiness that he made a friend. At that time I realized that he was the teacher. With so little in his life, he was not afraid to show me his happiness over one chocolate. We do not need much to be happy, yet we struggle with that concept. Is not hard to learn from a homeless too and that is the wisdom that we have always needed.