The Three Steps of a Spiritual Life

When we are choosing and willing to go through the stages of spiritual life, we are facing three significant steps: the awakening, the enlightenment, and the sanctity. There were only a few people who achieved all stages. Jesus was one of the most known by humanity, but others have succeeded too. Why it is so difficult to manage this success?
Let’s start with the beginning. Awakening is happening to many of us. We would say a very significant percent. We become aware of the spiritual path that lays in front of us, and that is coming with a greater understanding. We realize that we have been played for centuries or even more by some of us who have been infected by greed and power. The next step is a bit difficult since may come with much fear of knowing that others are in controls and manipulate us all. We keep thinking what can we do and the fear of being useless toward the situation, makes us start losing direction. Some of us, and actually many would remain at this stage being stuck mentally and growing more fear and anger toward the system. Some who can cope with the situation move forward, and the enlightenment process begins. It is an amazing feeling. Fear is gone, and we are pleased to understand what love is. We attract more and more people, and the teaching that we need to provide is unavoidable. We have an urge to teach and spread the word of God. However, even this state may move us away from the truth. Our law of attraction becomes no stranger to us and we may achieve what we have believed would be impossible regarding material world. That is becoming another temptation that Jesus himself was describing. Again, many will take that path and instead of helping and sharing with people they will teach only by words and not by example. This failure could be even more destructive than the first step. Corruption of power and auto proclaimed of self as superior, or even God may destroy all the past work. A small percentage will resist temptation, and they will move to the final step. That is the most rewarding one, not from the materialistic point of view but the spiritual recognition. Money, control or power will have no importance, and the primary goal of a Saint is to teach everyone else to be a teacher him or herself. Selfishness is reduced to zero, and all we want is to help others to achieve the same state of consciousness. That what Jesus was doing and his final sacrifice was the proof and consecration of all his teachings. A saint like him will never tell anyone “I am a saint” but will make people understand through his actions. That is how we all learned and wanted to be like him. We all must be teachers like Jesus, and that is the highest fulfillment of this life on Earth.