CEO’s Success Speech

Somebody posted a video with a CEO from a financial organization giving a speech about being successful. We may think that such person would give us great advice since she is successful in most of the people’s opinion.
What is a success? The problem to start with is that she forgot to define it. Success to many of us is money, a higher position in society and power. If that is the definition of success, then she is right. The CEO explained how should we get rid of people that are pulling us down, and she called them “toxic people.” This term is becoming a trend, but that is another story. She suggested that we may think who are benefic people for ourselves and spend more time with those. As long it is nothing wrong with the concept we still have to define success.
How about success is helping others to get out of the black hole of their own minds, or to help unfortunate people to achieve a minimum of a decent existence? Isn’t that why we are called humans and not monsters? Getting away from the people that need a boost just for the sake of achieving that kind of success that the clever CEO is talking about is nothing more than selfishness. It may be working we think, but it is nothing more than playing the dirty cards of a sick society. Be human and define success by how many people you helped today. We must stay away from temptations who brought nothing but unhappiness and greed. As long as we need a job to be able to sustain a decent life, it is okay to want to be in a better position, but not with a mindset that we should remove people or step over them for our desire to be successful by a corporation’s standard.
The successful life is the one lived in happiness and joy. Only then we may start giving lessons to others. Our happiness is becoming an issue only because we look for “money type of success.” We forget to be human, and that is the cost we must pay. It is sad to see so many “successful” people achieving nothing vital for themselves. In the end, the regret that we have spent too less time with the people we love will not do any good.