How to Control the Mind During Meditation

The right approach is not to control the mind but to let go. Even after years of practicing, thoughts may come during a meditation session. It is nothing wrong with it and the harder we try to control them the more they will persist and fight back. The first principle of meditation is to learn to let go. Imagine that we are the dense blanket hanging between two trees and the thoughts are the wind. The blanket keeps resisting the wind, but the more wind will come the more difficult will become. Inevitable the blanket will be under much pressure and ultimately will collapse. We cannot hold the wind but if we let that go through we will be fine. We have to become a fishing net and not a blanket. Wind will pass through, and the fishing net will peacefully exist. The same is happening during meditation. If we are willing to let go, our thoughts will have no resistance, and they will pass through. We master this lesson, and we are ready to move further to higher levels of meditation techniques. The beauty of it is that once we learn that lesson, nobody will stop us to apply it to our lives. Meditation does not teach us how to breathe; we know that already. It is showing us how to live.
Meditation is the first step in the awakening process. It is not meant to be a tool of the body or mind but a servant of our souls. It will bring the peace that we need to move forward to the spiritual and let all the events, people or thoughts to pass through with no repercussion. The more we learn, the more will be laid in front of us and lesson after lesson will drive us to a purely spiritual existence. That was the meaning of the words of Jesus when he said: “The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light.”