Open Your Mind

Everything that is done here on this blog has only one intention, to open our minds. What does that mean? It means that we are willing to accept other realities and to start the unlearning process. We have been indoctrinated with many ideas, and we are pushed so hard that we believe those ideas. It is time to do a little thinking by ourselves and put in balance what do we believe with what our hearts are teaching us. The belief system is with or without intention the main impediment to live a spiritual life and follow our instincts. We feel guilty if we do not obey something thought in school, society or church because we have been learning through much repetition. It is like a deep ink impregnated on the paper. It will stay there as long we protect and keep the paper in a safe place. We are trying to teach ourselves to let go of that paper because it does not hold our signature. It is something that someone else proclaimed to be the right teaching and we follow with no hesitation. The truth is succeeded only if it is the truth that we have discovered by self-realization and that is our certainty. When we choose our own experience over the belief system, we become free. We should come to that understanding that we have always heard: “The truth will set you free!”
Do we need to force ourselves to give up religions, people or places? I would say that we should not. Following our hearts, we may realize that is not a place or a church or a community that makes us happy but our inner-self. That happiness will bring new connotation to our existence, and the physical surrounding may become less critical. However, there may be a need for nature and natural sources created by God, and we would aspire to resonate and interact with such energies. We follow our paths, and the journey will have a happy ending. If we get stuck with other’s beliefs, we may end to their happy places and most of the time that would not be ours.