How Is to Be Brainwashed?

Which one is the brainwash being afraid or not being afraid? We acknowledge through some books and movies that is okay and good to be afraid, but the more fear we possess, the less life we live. That is the real danger in our lives, and the brainwash starts very early in life. The children are innocent and happy, and then they become part of the matrix when they start school or when we the parents push whatever we have learned to them. We, as kids, have to go to school and repeat what the adults are saying. That is to be a good student. The greater memory we have and the more obedient we are, the better for the system. We become well integrated social beings, and we follow letter by letter the proposes and imposed life. A wise child told me once. “This life is not the way that we expect. We go to school a lot, and then we work a lot then we retire and die.” The way it was summarized only in few words by a kid could be a fantastic revelation to everyone. Within this process, we came to learn fear since our society is built out and on fear. Fear that we would not do good enough in school, fear that we cannot find a job, fear we do not have enough money, or we may get sick. What if we stop being afraid? What if the brainwash does not work? Some of us have accomplished it, and that realization comes with freedom, not the freedom of speech, or religion or any other words used to brainwash us again, but freedom of the soul. A free soul cannot be afraid because there is no fear. Fear does not exist, only love does. Fear is an illusion when we separate ourselves from God. Our leaders know it, and they do everything in their power to brainwash us. It is time for us to understand for real the books that we read, some of the awakening movie that we watch because there are awakened people sending the message.