Trans-gender: A Mental Disorder?

It is possible but such conditions usually happen when that person has influences from a previous life and not necessarily as a woman. For example, in a previous life, he was a man, and he was having a fragile body being teased by anyone else so much that he wished to be a woman. Alternatively, he was a woman in a previous life, and she liked her body so much that in current life he wants to have that body again. There are so many possibilities, and under hypnosis, we find the one that conditions our present life, and we can take it away.
Overall id trans-gender a mental disorder? It could be so. At least we can say is not a natural behavior. However, when we heard the term mental disorder that may sound harsh. Well, it is not so. It is a disorder that we can correct mentally and after all, that is not bad.

Looking around, we could see that nature is not organized in such way. It is not wrong or right to have such affinity. It is just is something that could bring an unpleasant experience and existence. We hear about the sex change, and some of us are doing it but after all the experience is still out of balance in most of the cases.
What should we do then when we have such orientations? We may think more about self-mental treatment, than a physical alteration or medication ingestion. Hypnosis could be one of the choices to establish and fix the cause. When we choose to come into existence as a male or a female, we have our reason to experience one or the other. Being affected by a previous experience is not what we have expected, or as a matter, we may have chosen this challenge. Either way is up to us to fix any problem because most of the problems are our own creation. Imagine that we create through the power of mind any situation that of course is a result of previous experiences. Using the same power, we can undo anything that we have created and ultimately fix all so-called problems. If we realize the illusion, we become anything we want and be content with that decision.