Do What You Preach

Many time we hear about bad or even horrible things many priests have done, and we stick to our saying. “Do what the priest says and not what the priest does.” We really like to separate the spiritual teaching from the practice. Many times we hear that we are not a priest, why do we talk like that? We can spread the word of God even we are priests or not, because as we have said many times before, we are all messengers of God. On the other hand, the priests should stick to their teaching in the day to day life. So, where is this separation of functions came from? This misconception may come from older times when the priests were considered higher beings, or maybe out of laziness. We do not want to talk and think about God. We obediently go to church, listen and practice what we hear. Well, we have to question and maybe sometimes not to debate but to realize that not that everything said in a church or any congregation may apply to ourselves. Many times there all these views could be entirely subjective coming from a human being that is no better or worse than us. We must get out of this habit of following blindly. God wants us to question and discover the truth that applies to us. The word of God is the source of any religion but so many generations came and altered the way that they have believed as being the most appropriate. Most of the time the result was catastrophic. We get stuck to custom, and we forgot the essence and the meaning of God. It is time for us to think by ourselves, preach and do what we preach. Jesus brought this new thought, the thought of unconditionally love and compassion and he loved us unconditionally. That is the way of ascension.