Artificial Intelligence vs. Humanity

More and more we hear stories that used to be more like sci-fi becoming our immediate reality. We have computers capable of processing and communicating verbally, we have discovered nanites, and we are looking to combine those technologies with the human bodies. When all of these will turn into catastrophes, we would have no one to blame. We are doing all to ourselves. Many of us have received ideas and made movies for some time now starting with “The Terminator” and in the recent times “Matrix” or “Ex Machina.”  All are nothing but alerts passed to us, to humanity. What if, we may say. Instead of being reasonable and using common sense we become addicted and dependent on the machines. We may not say that is a fight between the artificial intelligence and humanity because there is no artificial intelligence to fight yet. It is a fight between wisdom and stupidity of the clever people. We lose our intelligence since the machines do all the work for us. We do not look to the stars any longer but ask the computer to show us pictures of the sky. There is a need to put a stop to all of it, a need for our souls to manifest through spirituality and love.

Why do we become addicted to gadgets and computers? Can we go away at least for one day without interacting with any device? We learn that we are bored with ourselves and every minute of our life we look at games and nonsense activities on the Internet. We must stop this madness. We must gain back humanity. There is nothing wrong to talk to people in the subway or stores. Yes, we may not know these people, but we are meant to be interacting with each other. Someone with or without intention is pushing this nonsense to us talking more and more about harassment, convincing us that even a friendly touch is not allowed. We used to hug each other and people still do it in some countries. Is it nothing wrong with that, yet it is wrong we hear. We must remember that we are humans and we must act like humans. We are all one, and we have to remember that at all time. Being divided and acting as independent cell it this great organism of the universe is real madness. The machines are accelerating that process. It is time to wake up from a dream created by others, or the dream will become a nightmare.

So, we should remove technologies from our life? We should not, but we should be more careful what we do with them. If we continue using them with evil intentions, the shame is on us.