The Change

We do not like changes in our lives. Let’s imagine there is a couple who celebrate thirty years of marriage. They have gone to ups and downs through that journey, and when they look back, they realized that nothing is the same. Where is that passion and love that lighten their first encounter? Where are the communication and understanding? What happened? And then one of them has found the problem. The spouse has changed. She or he is not the same, and that changes the whole equation. However, if we accept the idea that the spouse has changed, why cannot we accept the idea that we have changed? That would be the first step in redefining our lives. Would not be possible that nothing changed but only our perceptions? Maybe our understanding of life evolved or moved in a different direction. We should not be afraid nor upset on that because everything is the experience that creates life. We must embrace and enhance that experience.
How about we are saying that we spotted the real issue. Our perceptions have been changed, and we are accepting the whole journey, but our spouses would not. In that case, is not that their fault? Well, it is a paradox but not accepting is a change in our spouse that we have to accept as well. There is no way that only one of us is at fault. We know very well the expression that when two are fighting none of them is right. If we try and we cannot change something we must accept it to move to the next chapter. That is the true wisdom of life, the wisdom that brings us closer to happiness and joy. Whatever is happening in our lives we have to learn and progress from. It is our purpose to acquire knowledge from positive and negative and come back to the state of balance and bliss. When we keep saying is not our fault we live with the guilt. We must forgive because forgiveness is the only lesson that complete the cycle of Karma. Even we like it or not that unfinished business, the negative energy that we create, we are taking it with us in the afterlife and the life after. It is a simple rule of the equilibrium. Someone or something must restore the balance and most of the time is the source that created that disturbance. We may start now or in the next life, but we have no way to escape it. Our perceptions have changed, and we either have to correct it or accept it because change is always good. It is the meaning of life.