Why I Am Not Special?

Many of us believe they are special. While we are awakening and start following a spiritual path we have the great feeling of being different and special in the grand master plan. We are right about it, but why is that we believe others are not the same? Where is the concept of the chosen one coming from? Well, the feeling of being special is occurring while we have still held on our egos. When we declare ourselves better than others is always the ego talking. We can see over the social media websites, in all these groups called “Spiritual Groups” as much of the egocentrism that is outside of those groups. We may believe we have gifts, and God favored us, but upon a proper understanding, we come to realize that God does not have a favorite son or daughter. We are all the same and equal in the face of God. We have read and communicated in different ways with many enlightened beings, and they never said they are special or chosen by God. All of them without exceptions were trying to make us remember who we really are and to tell us that we can be like them. Did not Jesus say “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he also do; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father?” We all have the abilities and the power of God. We only have to return to God and remember God’s love because love is the principal ingredient and glue that keeps us in the game. We see it so many times that love can do amazing things even from people who do not believe in God, because after all love is God.
So, next time when we may think we are special, let’s slow down and think more about others than ourselves. If we believe we are awakening and remember the knowledge, the best thing to do is to share that knowledge, because God does not like secrets.

Once we stop fighting the ego, we will become what we have always been: beautiful beings who love and are loved by the Father. There is no competition, and we are all special because we all have a leading roles in this play.