Should I Accept My Fate?

Many of us are living with the concept of fate, and we believe that whatever is meant to happen it will. Well, we shouldn’t be so sure. Most of us agree with that idea because it is convenient. If we believe we have fate and that is to stay inside your house and watch TV all day long waiting for the fate to kick in, we are just lazy. The concept of fate was promoted by ourselves same as the others pushed it to us as an instrument of control. We must understand what we can and what we cannot. And only accepting the things that we cannot change will bring us a real understanding of life and it will eliminate the concept of fate. Our path has an infinite number of possibilities, and every single choice is affecting the outcome. Doing nothing and waiting for the fate to take place we are choosing one of the options that we have, and as a result, we may accomplish nothing in this life. So, fate may be a relative concept that can be altered at any time.
We may look back in history and religion and say that Jesus, for instance, had his own fate but as a matter, he was the one making that choice and he made that choice not because the fate was inevitable but because he came here to help and enhance our spiritual knowledge.
Many of us use fate as a consolation for our failures. Instead of being positive and constructive, looking back and learn from our mistakes, we refuse and say it was our fate. That way we feel less guilty, and we try to live a peaceful life. However, our souls know that is not true and for everything we have done we have to counterbalance and complete the circle of Karma.
With all that said, we may come into this existence with a plan that we want to achieve by the end of this life and we may call that fate, but again most of the time the plan does not work as expected so, basically it will end up as not being a fate at all.
Bottom line, our idea of fate may be very well compromised since we can change any of our choices at any time we want.