Recently I have posted a question on Quora about human races here on Earth. Are we different? Is it something more than evolution that took place during our existence on Earth? I was following with interest the answers, and I have noticed a little bit of anger in most of the explanations. Many of the people answering, have come back with the idea that we are all humans here and the concept of races does not exist but just in some peoples’ minds. Why are we talking then about racism so much? Why so many ethnicities consider themselves better than others? Let’s put it this way. The ego is manifesting in all of us, and the nationality or the color of the skin is becoming a pretext in this allegation. However, moving away from the body, because most of the anger is coming when we are talking about bodies’ differences, we should look more at our behaviors. If we are all humans why some of us become so violent, aggressive and have an attraction and affinity for power and control? Being human I understand that we are compassionate and willing to help. Would be there a possibility that somehow we have been altered and none of us is one hundred percent human? Why should we not take that into consideration? It would be a better choice to investigate such a possibility than negating everything that intuition is telling us. Intuition and common sense are sometimes the best tools we can work with. We should live the anger and the ego when answering a question and look into the problems that we have created. All these problems are a result of an alien behavior. We destroy the environment proving that at least a part of us is not from this world. How do we prove we are all humans who lived and evolved on Earth when we are destroying the Earth? Honestly, my intuition is telling me that something wrong happened at some point, and that is the sin the bible is talking about. Instead of being defensive we must return to our senses, our humanity and restore the order and love because Earth is offering it every single day of our lives. Let’s prove we are all humans not by anger and violence but by love, kindness, and empathy. When that happens, we would agree that we are all one race, the human race.