Being Ashamed or Proud

How does it feel to be ashamed? We have created so many ways to embarrass ourselves that is becoming a difficult task not to be feeling that way. Many times we do not want to perform some of the jobs because we think what others would say about us. We would be ashamed to work as a genitor or a cashier. In reality is nothing wrong with it and it is only our minds playing with us. How many people washed their toilets at home? Still, it is considered a shame to have a job like that. The society created this casts based on the job’s qualifications, and even we do not say it out loud it is true.
Many times I have seen and heard that managers do not suppose to have lunch with people in a lower position. The construct itself is an embarrassment to humanity. In a better society, we should all be qualified for any job and share the responsibilities.
In the movie Bruce Almighty, the main character meets with God who was an old man mopping the floor, and He said: “People underestimate the benefit of good old manual labor. It’s freedom in it.”
Please watch that beautiful scene here.

The idea is that we, humans created a society that makes us afraid of what others would say about us. We have become enslaved by others as well others became enslaved by us. It seems like a paradox, but that is going on for a long time now.
There is no shame in anything we do as long we like and enjoy the work or the result. It may not be pleasant for some of us to mop the floor, but it is nice to come into a room that is clean and smell nice.
We must change our ways of thinking to become free. That kind of freedom will bring happiness and enlightenment. We should not be afraid to take it. The only obstacle is our mind, and as long we understand it we may realize that in fact there is no obstacle at all. When we enjoy the life, we do not care that others will talk bad about us behind our backs because that is not our problem but theirs. It is an excellent time to stop being ashamed as well as stop being proud. Those characteristics are the same thing from two different perspectives. There is no shame or pride in what we are doing. It is only the purpose and achievement.