It Is Not My Fault

I used to say “It is not my fault.” I am not responsible for all the wrong things happening in the world today. How can I be? I am leaving in one country, and people from another country across the world are starving or killing each other. Or even closer to me if bad things are happening why should that I think I am at fault? It took me a while to realize that we are all responsible for the good and evil happening on Earth today. Every one of our actions is creating the outcome. And we are talking about actions we include here the ignorance and indifference. Those are again actions that we take. We are embedded into an amazing mechanism that we call existence, and we can create or destroy at any time. We are part of a collective consciousness even we accept it or not.
Many times we blame God for everything that happens with our lives or in general on the globe. We forget one tinny thing that we have always craved for: free will. We must understand that God gave us a car and created highways in every direction. It is up to us where, how fast or how do we drive. We are free to choose per our wish or desire. We can create peace and harmony as well as we can bring destruction and chaos. Only one thing we have to keep in mind that God has established by design and that is a harmonious balance that ultimately will take place. No matter how arrogant and greedy we have become, we cannot overcome that balance because that is the order of the universe and it keeps everything alive.
So, after all instead of pointing out at who’s fault is we should stick together as one and correct our mistakes. It is the only way we can evolve and not destroy ourselves.
We have brought Jesus as well as we have created Hitler using nothing else but the collective consciousness. We can move in the right direction. We have the wheel and the engine; we only need a steady hand.