Being Good or Evil

Someone said that is easier to be evil than being good. How would that be? Being evil involved taking harmful actions against our will. Still people like posing as negative. Young people post words like “I am not the angel, I am evil..” Or they dressed crazy and like to be scary. Where is this mentality or better said this mental disorder is coming from? Are we evil beings? Well, we are not but our mind is programmed to be adaptable and malleable to achieve the goal and purpose here on Earth, and someone took advantage of it promoting their own agenda. We see movies where the negative character is much more funnier and enlightened than all others. We are made to like or even love them. And then what? We want to be like them believing that is cool.

The picture we see on this blog has been taken at the New York subway station at Union Square. Those individuals really want to show off their most cooling evil side. However, they were far from it. Their energy is becoming lower and lower in frequency, and they will not be liked anymore.

On the other side, I was happy to see a boy yesterday wearing a t-shirt with a quote written on it saying “Being kind is cool.” That is something that I do not see every day but the more we act and show our affection for positive we spread the good energy of God. We must stop propagating negativity if we want to bring peace and happiness. We know it, but we keep forgetting it and go with the flow. We are not sheep. We must act as individual being in the pool of God consciousness, and that is to be kind, compassionate and spreading the great energy of love.