What Is Wisdom?

Isaac Asimov said and I quote here: “The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.”

What does that mean? Is not wisdom based on knowledge? Well, it definitely is, but we must understand how to use that knowledge. We live in duality, and there is no exception that everything can be used for good or evil and wisdom is the barometer we may say. The more wrong choices we make with the given knowledge, the more pressure will be on us. But how do we differentiate the right and wrong one may ask? We do not have to too many rules because the righteousness is embedded within our consciousness. We know based on our intuition provided by the heart that we cannot kill or lie or be deceiving. We know that right away, and if we ignore it, we are being exposed to the feeling of guilt. That is the last resort that makes us correct our mistakes. However, some of us ignore that too, and we try to convince ourselves that we are not at fault. We create all the scenarios that will confirm that we are not guilty and all the excuses needed to get out of any wrongful situation. That is the opposite of wisdom and the opposite of becoming enlightened. It is simple; still, we prefer to create bad Karma day after day, and we move far away from becoming a wise human being. Wisdom is basically as simple as breathing if we do not try so hard to please the society and the auto-created ego. Let it flow naturally, and we may move to a higher level of consciousness.