Can We Eat Healthily?

We are having many times discussions about what should we eat? So many debates take place that we are often somewhat confused than clear about our diet. Vegans are blaming meat-eaters, and meat-eaters are telling everyone that we need proteins and vitamins that only in the meat we can find. Both categories are so pressing that the third category which we may call seekers do not know what to do.

Once again we have to turn to God and look around. What did God create for us that we can maintain a good healthy habit? First, we have to figure out what group of animals we supposed to be. Are we like lions or other carnivores?  Far from it. We as human are born with the instinct of not to kill. When we see blood, our appetite goes down unlike the lions. I would say that we are not meant to eat meat. Our ancestors at some point in time might have used meat as a last resort in the absence of other resources. However, we, humans do not find enjoyable to kill and eat like a lion. That instinct stays and to be able to accept that kind of food we are preparing it and eventually eliminating the look and raw taste of other animals. Lets put it straight. I am not advocating to be vegetarian but analyzing our environment and our instincts and feelings. I did eat for the most of my life, and the fact I do not enjoy it anymore is not an effect of propaganda but a self-awareness, and that is the way should be. We will not get anywhere by imposing rules and fear on others. That is not progress. Every one of us must awake our consciousness and realize what we are. Only then the natural choice is to be made.

Awakening we may realize the beauty of the world and the fact that we are all one with that beauty. We would realize that Mother Earth is abundant and we have enough resources to live a happy life.

What is the right food though, the one may ask? Well, everything that God provided in a natural form was for us. We have raw fruits and vegetables, and they are plenty and diverse. They are delicious and can sustain a healthy life. If we combine technology with nature in the right way, we may be able to move forward. It is not by accident that we have more water on Earth than we need because water and light are the very secrets of a healthy nature, everyone knows that.

What did we do with our diet? We have started processing the food not because we need that, but because everything resumes to money. Processed food is more resistant that we can make more money out of it. We altered the fruits and vegetables, so they can stay longer without getting rotten, and we have started eating three or four times more than needed.

For the corporations, everything works out really well. We get fat with that kind of food, no problem. We need to buy medication that helps us to lose weight. Everything happens around money. If that approach does not stop, we will become sicker and sicker. Stopping such a vicious circle is up to us. We must stop agreeing and changing our own lifestyle. We have been waiting for so long for the savior. We must save ourselves, one by one.

Again, can we eat healthily? Yes, we can if we follow the rule of nature, nothing more nothing less.