Desire versus Need

In many spiritual practices, we hear about halting our desires, but it is a little unclear. If I have the desire to eat an apple is that bad? Well, we have to understand the difference between needs and desires. It is an obscure delimitation but again, using common sense we can get that understanding. We have a significant problem in our times. We are instructed to like money, and so we must advertise to sell our stuff to grow our companies and move up to make more and more. That is the worst desire that creates an attachment to money.
On the other hand, the audience is creating an attachment to the products being advertised, and in that way, the desire is being generated. Everything that we see in particular on TV has two roles: getting money from the public and controlling us through despicable attachments. We want that car or that house or that pair of shoes where in reality we do not need any of them. It is an artificial mechanism that makes us believe we want things that actually are not needed at all. We create the mentality that we must be rich, and we look up to the elite. We want to be like them, which is nothing but an imposed desire. Once we understand that mechanism and become desire-free, we become free, free from attachments and addictions that are being dropped on us. Primarily every desire is directed to the material and biological world. We have been instigated to sex, and all the magazines and movies go in that direction.
How do we fight this trend? What should we do? We can see the truth without fighting. When we consider this a war, we have already lost. We must detach, that is what we have to do, and again we must redirect our efforts to spirituality and God because every problem has a spiritual solution. As a matter there are no problems, we only use our minds to create them. Our needs are minimal, and no desire could not be naturally removed to let us live in peace and harmony with the universe.