Taking A Risk

I have recently published my first book “Fulfillment: A Spiritual Journey Through Life,” and one may say that I have taken a risk, but honestly I do not think so. I have started the book talking about God, and even the book is meant to be a retrospective of life from a philosophical and spiritual perspective I have chosen to start with the one who instructed me to write the book, God. Since the first few chapters are given away for free, many of the readers may go away from the book because the word “God” is being corrupted every day by our leaders with a wicked intention. We promote more evil than God through fear, satanic parties or the almighty money illusion. So, when we hear someone writing a book telling the audience that God spoke or better say communicate with him, we have the tendency to categorize that individual as crazy and move away from his creation. Well, as I said I took that risk because I love God and I will never be ashamed of him (her). I surrender to God, and that obedience is the willingness to love and not the capitulation to an evil king.
Coming back to my book, I should not be worried because I know God will arrange everything to resonate with my being and get out the best of that situation.
But what if my book will not sell? That is fine because my primary goal is not to sell more books but to share the word of God. I have no expectation good or bad for the outcome of my book regarding sells. Who wants to listen will listen and read. The others who may not be ready will move to a different material. Sooner or later we will all join the club of Christ because that is our goal and purpose as human beings.
After all said we realize that we do not take risks as it may seem but we play actually extremely safe because we are always in the presence and under the protection of our Father (Mother). And that is the truth that kept as going through life.

What should we think next time when our inspiration tells us to share the word of God? We must do it because we are the messengers. There is no risk whatsoever; it is only an illusion promoted by negative forces, nothing else.