Think for Yourself

Brainwashing is the most popular sin of our times because that is the evil process that is enslaving our souls. It could come from governments or churches but always have the same result. We are forced through different techniques to stop thinking and asking questions. This methodology is so tricky that we believe that all these ideas and beliefs are ours. We like to debate, and we use to say that our religion is better, our society is more evolved or just plainly state that we are better than others without taking into consideration our own opinions and that is the greatest tragedy and the greatest sin of our leaders, or we can call them puppeteers. We forgot to ask questions, and we forgot to look for answers. Overall we forgot to think for ourselves and generations after generations we became lazy. Lazy in thinking and lazy in acting. It is more convenient to listen and follow, isn’t it? However, after all this laziness costs us so much. We forgot the truth, the ultimate and the most beautiful truth of all times. We forgot God, and now we only pretend that we remember.
We must return to our origins and remember who we are. We have been deceived for so long, and that must stop. The reality is that nobody can stop that for us, we have to do it.
Let’s make it simple. When we think about God what do we see? We may see an old man with a long white beard, or we may see our teachers, or simply we may see whatever others told us God is. Well, that must change. We must look inside ourselves, and our own truth will surface. That will be our truth. That will be the first step to become free through awakening our souls and understand and free our consciousness. We will understand God from a different perspective, and that will be our unique perspective. It is like solving a puzzle. When we are doing by ourselves, we will know how to do it again, and every single piece that we discover will bring us closer to the whole. The finality will be the same for everyone else, but pieces could be found and combine in a different order.
On the other hand, if we leave others to do the work for us, they may create a fake puzzle. We may see the edges do not fit perfectly, but we accept it out of dormancy. Let’s create our own puzzle and think for ourselves. We are talking not just about logical thinking but the process that awakes our souls making us shifting the path. Otherwise, we will end up in a wrong place, as the great teacher Lao Tzu said “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”