I Deserve the Best

Countries and boundaries create the selfishness inside people. How many times we have heard the expression “Because you deserve the best?” So many that we started to believe it and propagated. Would be nothing wrong with it if that “I” or “you” will be in the context of us. Yes, we all deserve the best. Unfortunately, we let the ego and its selfishness to the surface and that one step toward the rift. We care less and less about others, and we even do not want to think about them. I have discussed with a nice gentleman, and he was completely lost within his ego. It is sad to hear that we are Americans and we deserve the best. Well, what is the fault of a baby born in Yemen? Does not he or she deserve the best either? All of the borders and countries were created either because powerful kings wanted to invade or that those kings conquered the land. But after all the Earth is rounded. God did not create any borders, and as a matter of fact the idea is that we should be able to go anywhere we want. But no, we, humans decided to make different rules. We have countries so we can create conflicts easier. We take over God’s creation and ask to pay for it. It is happening with all the resources including the basic one: the water. Very soon we will be charged on air too. Who gave anyone the right to do so? Well, we did not have this right, but we have still inherited as a rule from generation to generation. We keep working and exchanging our energy with something that God gave us freely. In the name of governments and organizations, some of us took control and enslaved others. The tricky part is that we did not even know who does that. Everything is so obscure and hidden that we just keep saying “they.” They increase taxes, they send people to war, and they are at fault. Fellow humans it is not “they” it is “we.” We agreed to everything, and we suffer the consequences. We are all at fault and as long as we stop being selfish nothing will change. Every change starts with me and you.