The State of Fear

Is fear necessary? We hear more and more in movies or on different media channels that fear is good. Is good to be afraid and it is helping us. Fear is the feeling that keeps us alive some may say. But is that true? First of all, what are we afraid of? All the fears are coming ultimately from the fear of death or what death may leave behind. So, should we be afraid of death? Death is pictured by the society as the end of the only life. We hear so many times: You have only this life, make the best out of it. Then we start considering that it is ok to party, enjoy sex or even step over the others to achieve material goals. Basically, we reject God at all levels. Is that good? Well, we have to awake to remember what is good, because we have been born with that feature of knowing when the wrong is being committed. In time society and a cruel system that is based on profit, money and ultimately control converted us to darkness. The fear is just the result of our conversion. The more material pleasure we sunk into, the more the darkness is caging our hearts, and we forget God.

Now some of the people on top may have this knowledge, but still, they are also living in darkness. They are most afraid of all but through controlling others they try to live free, and that illusion is so far working for them until more and more people are awakening. Through such a beautiful state we shift back to God’s awareness, and we realize that fear is only the absence of love. We realize that is no death and we are immortal, we come to know who we are and what is the system trying to do to us.

Recently I have acknowledged how even doctors are being tricked themselves or maybe they became so strongly tight to the system that they really believe what they are saying. It was a psychiatrist who has describing the mind of a psychopath giving a simple example, and I quote: “If someone is being stopped by the police while driving and he or she is not afraid that may be clearly a case of a psychopath.” In short, the doctor is telling us that we should be afraid, enforcing that on us with a strong statement: “If you are not afraid you may be really mentally sick.” Is that so? Why Should I be afraid of the police if I did not do anything wrong? Or why should be afraid of the police I had fifteen miles over the speed limit? Yes, I drove to fast and most likely the policeman will ticket me but should I be afraid? Why? That is because we live in a state of fear. Everyone should be frightened because doing so we are much easier to be controlled. Fear keeps people in line.

Another example is another institution that is very similar to the government: the church. Going to a church, you may hear prayers which include statements like being afraid of God. Why should we be fearful of God? Does not make sense. Should we be afraid of our parents here on Earth? There should be no fear. Parents should be the best friends to their kids the same as God is to us. Again the fear is the cruel mechanism that keeps people from thinking and asking questions.

Once again we must come to realize that is no fear but the one we create. If we cannot change our ways and awake at least let’s help our children to understand that we are not their masters and they are not our slaves. We are all the same, and our roles are to love and to guide them. That is all. Loving is the best antidote to the state of fear.


One comment on “The State of Fear”
  1. FEAR is good?

    For what Mass Murders or Adrenalin THUMPERS? My son died out running an Avalanche.

    But go ahead and TEACH YOUR CHILDREN well. You will know when you dead. There will be no body or mind to Want, Desire or have EMOTION, like FEAR, LOVE or HATE. Just Bliss and JOY. None of those NEEDS like feeling FEAR to be ALIVE.

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