Enough Is Enough

“When we believe that being ignorant we are neutral, it is just a way to deceive ourselves. Ignorance is nothing but the devil in disguise.”


We see more and more patterns of evil clouding our minds. The latest gig is gender fluid. It is a massive push from the elite to create a human without identity, a scared human that is opposing the creator. The society and when I say society I think about the people behind has a very specific agenda: to confuse and move children to the dark territory. “The gender has to become obsolete,” they say. Looking into the many of the spiritual knowledge we see that there was an entity without a gender: the devil. I am talking about this reality, Earth. What is the devil? It is nothing else but the manifestation of humans who forgot God and the whole creation. Those individuals gain material power because they aim for it and as a result, they oppose every single gift from God.
We have been created differently as men and women and if someone has a homosexual orientation is most likely because of the energy imbalance created through a bad experience/karma. However, to brainwash kids to be whatever they “feel” like is an evil thought that tries to go against God. We are being bombarded with new rules and laws that will make us stay quiet. But is that freedom? We are afraid to talk since we can lose jobs and face in this broken and sickened society. Once we have agreed with this concept of fear we lost the battle of love. We are giving up God. Humans, please do not stay quiet. Ignorance and fear will enslave us to an extent that will make our children’s lives miserable. We cannot be that selfish. Our generation is not targeted after all, but the generations to come. The work of the devil goes on and on and we must fight it. We are of God, and our voices must speak the truth, and now we speak nothing out of fear. If we let the fear to conquer us we lose. Let’s bring love and compassion and stop the fight over some ideas that are not even ours.