Can We Compare Praying to Meditation?

Yes, we can say that. Both are communications with God, with the source. The difference is that when we are praying, we are talking to God, while when we meditate, we are listening to Him.

It is a like a smart radio, or a walkie-talkie, being able to receive and send information. So, what is happening when we pray and how actual God manifests upon our prayers? Let’s put it this way. Every thought manifests some form or energy, and this energy amplifies as long as we keep praying for the same thing over and over. We can understand it better if we imagine the ocean and our prayer is a drop of water. One drop creates not too many rips and if we stop dropping that small movement is dissipating into the vast ocean and is being lost. Now, drop after drop, we maintain that wave and the ocean itself is finally acknowledging little wave and that water movement. More than that the harder we pray and with a pure heart the drop velocity increase as well as the mass.
Now we clearly see our prayer manifesting into the water. If we bring that comparison back to our prayer, the ocean is God, and the drop is us. God is always listening and only because we forget to put the energy of prayer in motion does not mean God is not there. God is always there. Coming back to our discussion, how about meditation? It is just a reverse way. God is always sending a strong message through all that exists, like a mighty wind or light. It is impossible not to acknowledge it and embrace it unless we do not want to. We may ignore the message whatever it may be and get down into the day to day distractions. We are too tired or simply forget to listen, and that what the meditation is helping us with. Both, mediation and prayers are a beautiful way of communications with the source, because after all, we are souls in the ocean of God, nothing else.