Is The Universe Conscious?

Many of us are getting to a point when we start asking questions. The more we ask, the more questions will come but at the same time the more answers we will be receiving, and not from others but from the Universe itself. How many times we are in need of something and we get it? Even it is a small and apparently insignificant thing we get it exactly at the predefined time and place fitting our needs. Many of us learned from school, from society and from planted beliefs that is only a coincidence. Our logical mind has always overridden the part of ourselves that is always active and awake: the subconscious mind how the psychiatrists called it, the intuition, the spirit or whatever we wanted to call it through words. Carl Jung called those events that coincide with our needs synchronicity, and he realized that they occur with no casual relationship yet those events seem to have a whole broad meaning. If we look at life as the most sophisticated computer program that has existed in this realm, we come to understand that a program will perform as it is instructed and all the events are the results of an infinite loop of “ifs” and “thens.” “If I stop drinking then my liver will recover,” or if “I stop telling lies then my mind will clear up” and so on. And then another if will pop up. It is true life as a construct is far too complicated for us to understand it fully but what we can safely assume is the fact that it is not happening by accident. There were no accidents, and everything is the result of an action or multiple actions. Every single energy that we manifest in physical, mental or spiritual plane is being absorbed and integrated by the universe, and that is how we can understand that the Universe is conscious. Imagine for instance that we throw a stone into a lake. Beautiful circles of moving water are being created but if we stand still and watch all of those will finally disappear, and the surface of the lake will be peaceful once again. The lake is the universe at a smaller scale, and the stone is our action. We can consider the Universe the framework of our God’s work, the program created for us to experience life. It is fully conscious, and our actions are being received and welcomed at any time. However, adverse actions will be opposed by the necessity that the Universe should balance them back. If we create a huge imbalance, we must be annihilated by the universe again and again until we understand what needs to be done to move ourselves to higher levels of knowledge and existence.