The Word: A Sword or A Feather

How many times we have been insulted or how many times we insult people only by saying the wrong word? Words are the most powerful holder of negative or positive energy as well. The most exciting part is that the word does not hold any power unless we give it in. Imagine that someone is cursing at you in a different language, a language that you do not understand. Those words mean nothing after all because we didn’t empower them. Now, let’s try to think that it is possible that even we comprehend the words, but we choose to keep them powerless. If anyone is directed his or her anger at us, how it will be to keep our cool? And not in the way that we will take the anger and keep it in with us, but just letting go of the negative energy that is directed at us, or better said not accepting it. Every person that is angry, frustrated or evil we may say, is expecting to retrieve back energy that will feed him or her back. If we do not engage in such action, the source person of the negative wave will suffer, but ultimately without getting back the energy to maintain his or her state, the anger will go away. It is not easy since we have our egos surfacing, but with training, we can make the ego depart, and we can maintain inner-peace.
We can try to experience this state next time when such an event takes place, and we may be pleasantly surprised by seeing that we feel really great. Step by step we can become the loving human being who will treat anger and madness with compassion and love. That beautiful action could be a great revelation that will empower every human being. We can avoid any conflicts, fights and even wars. We only need to acknowledge the ego and understand its wrong purpose. Without ego, we are again innocent beings living a beautiful life right here on Earth-Heaven. In the end is up to us to use or receive the word as a heavy sword or a light soft feather.