Thank You God!

Every morning we can choose to wake up with gratitude and happiness or with a damaging behavior that will haunt our day. Why should we be thankful for? Well, today a lady told me that just by waking up in the morning is good enough because some of us are going to bed and they do not wake up the next day. As long we can consider that idea a positive one, we could think a little deeper, and we should thank God for the experience that we will accomplish during the day. If we accept life as a succession of events that bring us a tremendous experience which helps us to learn, I believe we are one step ahead of others. Death is not necessary bad after all, and the fact that some of us did not wake up does not make them less happy. On the contrary, those who depart this life are going back into the source where we experience light, love and happiness. Or we the atheists do not believe in the afterlife than nothingness does not make nothingness unhappy. So, either way, the end of the line experience is not a negative one.

However, our thoughts, prayers or meditative actions are always received by God, and they have always influenced our life. If we think with our “logical” mind, how can one drop influenced anything after all? That energy created it may be same or even less than a drop of water in the ocean. One drop cannot do much, but on the other hand, rain cannot happen if one drop at the time does not takes place. And rain could be beneficial or if it is too much can destroy our garden. So, as a conclusion saying “Thank you” expressing gratitude every morning could be beneficial after all. God does not have pride and reward us for thanking, but that great thought is in harmony with God, and that will transform any single cell inside our bodies. At a grander scale, we can fix up anything that goes wrong in our world. We need just a little bit of gratitude and decency after all.