The State of Anger

Why do we become angry? One may ask this question since sometimes the anger looks like it comes out of nowhere. Our medical science came out with different theories related to changes in our bodies, but again the medicine failed to find out why those changes occurred. And then we return to the same root that causes us so many problems: the mind. Our mind is a powerful strange thing, and when it becomes addicted to feelings, it is even more powerful.
So, let’s rethink anger. How is the mind generate such emotion?
And why is that happening? The root is undoubtable the fear. Fear is the most powerful negative emotions that could do damage beyond repairs. Worse than everything else, fear is addictive. We can prove that statement easily when we create scenarios in our little heads. Many times, we tend to create disasters about what can happen or what potentially happened with someone we love, or with the market, weather, Earth or anything that we can imagine and will make our lives nightmares. It is also very accurate the state of fear is pushed onto us, and it is agreeable to people who want to control others. When we fell in that trap, we forget everything that we possess, and we struggle. Here I am referring to our precious spiritual possession, the love of God.
Now, that we have scratched the surface of the mechanism of anger let’s see if we can get rid of it. First of all, we must be conscious of it at all time. That way we can intercept the wave of energy that starts with our minds, and we can stop it before degrading in something uncontrollable. Second, we have to remember and embrace love, because that is the antidote for fear. It sounds simple. Well, it is simple but sometimes hard to achieve because we are interacting with others, which we call mirrors. When someone gets really angry and shout at us, we see it as a mirror, and if the reflection is angry, that means we must be angry. That wave of negative energy hits us and we, most of the time will take it. We have to try as I said before to be conscious of any energy around us. We cannot control those energies, but what we can do is that we can bring the peace wave of energy because anger and ultimately fear are only persisting in the presence of negative energies. If fear and anger are faced with love and peace, fear cannot survive.
When we understand and practice this method, we can safely say that we embrace the Christ consciousness. That is the only way to Heaven as Jesus said, not through his physical body, but spiritual achievement.