The God’s Breadcrumbs Trail

What are we doing into this world and where do we suppose to go? Sometimes we feel lost, and we wish that someone will tell us what to do and where to go. We even may think God is cruel leaving us in a hostile world without any help. But that is far away from the truth. We are more like Hansel and Gretel, and the breadcrumbs are left for us to find the way back to our origins. God is always present showing us the right path all along if we really want to see it with the eyes the soul. Every move we make, every action we take could be the result of looking for the crumbs, following the crumbs or just ignore all that teaching and inner-thoughts and take the road to perdition. What is that road? Well, it is the path away from God’s instruction, the path of greed and selfish habit of thinking we all deserve everything and that we should not care about others. Unfortunately, we live in such a selfish society that instructs us from an early age to compete and take what we deserve, dividing us into isolated cells which cannot survive. However, even so, we still have so many chances to recover and awake that at the end of our lives if we did not succeed to promote the word of God is only us at fault. We must understand The Law of One, that is one Creator, and we are all part of the creation, we are all one. How can we hurt others if we know they are us and we are them? It is only a distortion that makes us sick and understanding the world become a difficult task where in reality is basic knowledge of a child or an animal or a tree. We must return to our senses and keep looking for the path where the crumbs of God are shining the way to Heaven.