It Is Not You. It Is Me!

How many times we have heard something like that in the movies or real life. It was becoming a template when we want to get rid of a girlfriend or a boyfriend. But after all, we do not even realize how right we are. Every action and response we take is a direct consequence of our behavior as negative and positive as well. Let’s start with a few examples. Imagine that someone at work, or a neighbor or even a member of our family become angry with us. It could be yelling or any other kind of violence involved. What do we do? Now would be the part that will tell us that we are responsible. We may choose to respond to violence with violence, ignorance or positive attitude. During our “social training” we have learned to feed our egos and automatically we may react with anger. This kind of response will do nothing but amplify the negative energy created between the two, and because of the amplification of that negative energy, events could degenerate in something uncontrollable.
How about ignoring that kind of trouble? In the same situation, we choose to leave the scene letting the violent thought to hit the air. Well, that could be the right approach, but still, we may think about what happened during the rest of the day even at night. That persistence of our thought may cascade inside us, and the result could be even worse. We could not sleep; we could not do anything but thinking why that event took place, and how unfair life is. Fortunately, we have the third option that is the most difficult one to achieve. We may observe the other person, acknowledge his or her anger and let go, moving on without being affected. Within this thought, compassion may play a significant role. If we can be compassionate with the person that call us names and yell at us, we may come to realize the unrighteousness of their thoughts. No judging should be involved but just analyzing. Once this stage is achieved, we may safely say that we have progressed enormously and our being would be at peace and very content with life.
What is the next step? Well, the next one is very simple yet challenging to complete. As Jesus mentioned many times, love is the key. “Love your enemy,” he said. But how can we do that? We can love our family, our pets but how can we love someone who is continuously released anger or negativity of any kind toward ourselves? This action that we may take is the ultimate love that should come from understanding that we are all one. The other person is still us, and that understanding will bring us to a new era of evolution.
Imagine that your parents or your kids get angry. Do you stop loving them? Why would that be different for a stranger as we may call other? That separation has been done during generations, and the information is powerfully integrated with us. We only have to unlearn that knowledge and every other knowledge that creates division. That is the only way to move forward, removing anger, battles or wars and live the Heaven on Earth.